How Do You Configure a Retention Rate for Your Champions Program?

  • 17 August 2022
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Hi all! 


Calling all friends who have a champions program! Would love your insight!


We’re heading towards the end of our first year of having Champions in our Community and are planning metrics for next year as we build out program more. As this is our first year and I’m having trouble finding data for this, does anyone else run a similar VIP program and can help shed some light on this? 


I used a typical customer retention rate formula, but as our Champions aren’t purchasing product and we only have 9 members total, the answer was far too high. 


I figured we can count on our VIP members who were active in our Community before our program started would be likely to return and count in our retention data….Any thoughts folks? 



1 reply

What are the goals you provide your champions with? What are they there to do?

Generally I wouldn’t see your metrics change year to year unless the goals of your champions program are changing. Rather the metrics should align to their goals as champions and the impact they can actually have on your overall community.

For example, in our ambassador program they are there to drive engagement, so we measure their overall engagement as a group  — e.g. number and percentage posts, referrals, and social mentions — all critical contributions to that outcome — and we look at whether they are performing differently that those that aren’t ambassadors. We do include them in our overall stats and retention numbers as they are still members of the community  

If your goal is to improve overall retention in the community then you could look at how they’d help with that and establish goals to support those outcomes and metrics to measure. To me, retention seems like an odd one here — something I’m not sure they could directly influence.

Let me know if that helps.