How do I get notified of user rank progression?

  • 21 September 2022
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Activity will net you points which will net you ranks.   How do I get notified when a user gains a Rank so that I can celebrate that event and bring more attention to activity?


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One way you can celebrate it for them is to set a message they get when they achieve the rank. However, that only celebrates it 1-on-1 with them and you’re not notified that the automatic message went out. 

Looking at the API documentation, it doesn’t appear that there are webhook events for when they change ranks. So unfortunately, I’m not sure you could set up anything to alert you as they progress.

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One quick thought I had about how you could retroactively check this: 

  1. Set the automatic message to be sent by you
  2. Go back and look at your messages sent over the past x days

You could use this then to do weekly celebrations of users who moved up. It’s more manual and not an ideal solution, but if you’re looking for a weekly congrats post, that could do it. 

The other thing you could do for this is a vlookup in excel/sheets. Compare ranks from a previous user export vs a new one and see which ranks updated in between the two. 

How do I set the automatic messages to come to me?

Would also be great to drop them into invisible groups, I could keep track of them that way as well, but don’t see that as an option in ranks.

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There’s not a way for the automatic messages to come to you. It goes to them. And it’s not a system email you can edit.