Get inSpired by.. OVO! How do you activate your new community?

  • 17 October 2017
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Starting out with the OVO Community was a challenge for sure. We were first timers, never done anything like this.

So how did we tackle getting the community up and running with a well established customer base?

To start, we knew we needed to engage people that we had a good idea would be interested in at least the concept. We offer customers an online discount for managing their account online, so these customers were an obvious choice to target with our first communications. We already know they like to manage things online, therefore are more likely to want to get help/self serve online.

Secondly, we were lucky enough to have a research community that was already up and running which we knew had engaged OVO customers ready and willing to support us.

Last but not least, our social audience. Again, these customers fit right into the target pot for launch. Anyone in a social space, again more likely to want to self service, and also gives us more chance of someone sharing this, driving awareness of the forum.

We are now 8 months in, we have 2600 users, 2 superusers and a pretty engaged community. The future is exciting, we just launched a second community for our Boost Power brand and also are exploring how we can migrate the Treehouse research community into our main forum to increase the number of customers able to get involved in research and manage the community as one. We have a long way to go, but the road ahead is exciting.

It would be great to hear from others about this! What was your activation plan? What did you learn from it?


2 replies

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Hi Darran!

Thank you for sharing your insight about your activation plan for the community launch.
Looking forward to hearing feedback and learning from other communities as I know activation is one of the most difficult pillars.
Maybe @tomasmouton has some insight to share as well.
Could also be interesting to have @Patrick and @Michael Khoo plan before next week go-live.
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Hello @OVOdarran,
Great article! Thanks for sharing with us your activation plan.

At NOS we have 9 users that we called “The Founders”. These users were selected via several criteria’s. We had help from our Market and Customer Intelligence department. After having a list of 20 potential founders, we made some interviews to get to know them and make the final selection. We gave them a unique badge that no other user could ever win (to show our appreciation) 😁

We arranged a meeting at our offices to present to them the project. A team building activity was arranged between them and our project team. They get a sneak pick of the Fórum NOS before it was launched. They also get a 1 year free Wi-Fi hotspot.

We communicate with them via Slack. But regarding this we have some mix feeling. At the beginning worked, but now we are having some troubles. From the 9 only 4 can be considered as active users.

Currently we are thinking about new ways of re(engaging) these founders.
If there are any good ideas out there, please let me know 😇 . If you have any doubts, please let me know. We can also discuss further details on the event 🤓