Gamification Metric Tracking

  • 3 January 2023
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How are you pulling metrics related to gamification? 

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Hi @allison_able,

Happy New Year!

You can find the gamification metrics on the User Dashboard


If you scroll down a bit, you can see users with their posts, replies, likes and points earned. You can also use the filter dates on the top of this dashboard.


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Hi, Allison. 

In my POV, how much you pull and what you pull depends on your gamification strategy and goals. Here’s a bit about mine: 

At a high level, gamification is a vehicle to move users up our engagement pyramid (below), particularly the top 3 levels. 

Our Engagement Pyramid


In our gamification strategy, we award points for just about every contribution (even offline). I want their total points to be a reflection of the total value they’ve contributed to the community. For example, if they do a testimonial blog for us, they get 50 points and a badge. If they speak on an event they get 100 or 200 points and a badge. (This is an area where I’m making robust usage of the API / Zapier to assign custom point amounts.) 

So for us, I can track high-level gamification in a few ways: 

  • Contributing Users - those taking actions on the community (just tracked in a dashboard)
  • SMEs - those who earn 200+ points for 3 months and answer 20 questions all time (super user role + a badge)
  • Speakers & Testimonials - not tracked well other than badges
  • Points earned by users / cohorts
    • I do individually to award monthly leaderboard badges, which have been very effective, but…
    • I’m not looking at larger cohorts like average/median points earned per user or how many users fall into buckets of points earned (maybe I should)

With that strategy, the Insided tools that help me track things are: 

  • User analytics dashboard Leo pointed out above. I use this to look at points earned within a given time frame. 
  • User Overview tool with filtering is another helpful tool
    • Can: Show many how many (and which) users have earned ___ badge
    • Cannot: Tell me when they earned the badge / filter based on when the badge was earned. It’s just a binary do they have it now Y/N
    • Cannot: Filter by points earned
  • Salesforce Integration gives me dashboards for tracking Active, Recurring, and Contributing users. 

To summarize, I’d say I’m tracking less gamification and more the outcomes I’m trying to drive through gamification: 

  • Contributing Users show deeper levels of engagement and increase our ability to scale beyond staff contributions
  • SMEs identify our super users
  • Speakers & testimonials identify our biggest advocates

Points and badges are the incentives and rewards, but I’m not tracking them super closely.