Difference between "any of" or "all of" roles for rank criteria

  • 9 April 2021
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When setting my rank criteria, in the “How do I get this rank” section:

  1. What happens if I leave both toggles off? Will the rank apply to any and all roles in my community? Or none?
  2. What happens if I turn on the “any of” toggle? Will the rank only apply to the roles selected with “or” logic? Ie. If this role, or that role, or ...
  3. What happens if I turn on the “all of“ toggle? Will the rank only apply to the roles selected with “and” logic? Ie. The user must have this role, and that role, and ... Follow-up question, can users even have multiple roles?
  4. What happens if I turn on both toggles? Woh 🤯

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I’ve borrowed some content from @Julian for this. The original guide can be found at 

The criteria would trigger exactly as you’ve described. So for example:

  1. Both toggles off means anyone can get the rank when they meet the criteria
  2. The “Any” logic means a user can get the rank only if they already have one of the Primary Roles you specify, such as Super User
  3. Likewise the “All of” logic requires a user to have ALL of the Primary Roles you specify to rank up. Just doing some of them alone won’t be enough.
  4. Both toggles? You cause a huge explosion because the server will blow up and crash! You’ll then get a massive £20 billion bill from inSided for smashing up their platform :stuck_out_tongue:
    1. In reality, you probably don’t need to do this. It’s best done as one or the other, unless you really want to see that big explosion… :wink:

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