Design new Community member journey

  • 30 April 2020
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I’m hoping that some of you have worked on a new member journey and would be willing to share what that looks like. The journey would include various milestones (registration, first post/reply, moving up a rank, answering 3 questions, etc.) and an associated acknowledgment (welcome email, thank you via private message, etc.).

The goal of all this is to encourage engagement, and increase the likelihood that new members become active members.

2 replies

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Last week, we added a few acknowledgments to our new member’s journey:

  • after registration - welcome email w/ links to helpful resources, including a request to introduce themselves in our Networking forum (one new member posted, so we’ll see how this goes...)
  • after posting/replying for the first time - automated private message using ranks that says “I’m so glad to see you getting involved...” (one member replied so far, clearly thinking it was a personalized message)

Still hoping to hear what others are doing to encourage new member engagement, and build out a journey…

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We’re (sort of) working on this right now.. I’ll come here to follow and will share our experiences later :)