Creating a "hidden topic" game for users, but need some advice...

  • 30 March 2022
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Hi folks, I’m trying out a new “game” with users to drive engagement.

I want to post a puzzle and use the answer as a keyword clue to find a topic that we’ve “hidden” somewhere, which is what I want them to engage with, and then offer a small prize. (Seems roundabout but I think it might work for our audience.)

The problem is, for a “hidden” topic to remain hidden until I’m ready to release the clue, I need to bury it in the feed or hide it somehow, at least until the first user finds it. (It would also be good if I can avoid the “new topic” email trigger for this one, but that may not be possible...)

I tried creating a fake user and some boring decoy text for the preview in the feed, but then our discerning superusers flagged it as spam.

Now I’m wondering if I can trash the topic to get it out of the feed and then restore it a few days later and it will go back to its original time stamp (before the more recent activity feed)?

Or any other hacks that might help here... Thanks :D

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