couple of questions : search bar / registratrion / launch of discussions

  • 19 December 2017
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hey guys,

In our statistics, I see that a very small percentage is using the search bar (ca 5%) so i was wondering whether that is the case in other communities as well? any ideas on how to increase that use?

second question: what is your % of members who do not activate their account? seems pretty high (35 to 40%) in our community, what do you think about it?

and third question: I would like to start with some great discussion topics next year, for instance, head of marketing who talks about evolution in the industry, you can post questions you would like him to answer, and react later on. Or something like that, just to stimulate the sense of community cause that is lacking. we have a lot of members who post their question, and then leave.

what did you do in order to stimulate it? did you launch that kind of discussions already? some best practices maybe?



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It's certainly the case for us @Ellen ... and we get a lot of complaints about the search so I suspect the reason is that the results are not quite what you expect 😏

We do see a large portion of our traffic from Google though so I guess they use that search instead.
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On our forum there's also a lot of complaints about search.

It's always a good idea to invite someone like head of marketing to do an AMA on the forum. A way to stimulate this would to announce this in your news letter or via social media.
thanks Jurgen, what is AMA?
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