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  • 26 April 2017
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Proud to say that we (BNP Paribas Fortis) launched our community last week!

Well actually, we launched two communities : one for the Dutch speaking part and one for the French speaking customers:

It will be very interesting to see how both evolve and what the differences will be in the different languages.

One week after launch activity is still very very low, so we are looking for possible other traffic drivers.

I was wondering whether you have some best practices regarding traffic generation?

Other question : We thought about posting some more inspirational content within 'Praatcafé' but I have the feeling that it is too soon for that?

Since it is a servicing community, aiming at answering bankrelated questions, people will come to our community when they look for an answer to a specific question. We tried to generate some engagement with the topic 'zakgeld' in Praatcafé, but this did not generate respons (the respons is from friends/colleagues who did me a favor :-)

I had some other topics in mind, more open questions (like : what did you do with your first salary? ). But I am not sure when to post this. I am a bit afraid that this will generate 0 likes or answers, which is a little awkward.

What do you think?

4 replies

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Hi Ellen,

fist off all congrats with the go-live! And happy with the first activity, although it is of course not yet what it should be.

There are many ways to drive traffic, relevant integrations in the service flow of the web & app environment are by far the most important ones in this stage. I like your idea on the inspirational content, definitely valuable when the community is a bit more of the ground.
In this launching stage it is very important to get enough service traction. Although the first integrations are live (including the slider on home, nice one 😀 ) the most important ones are lacking. The channel preference is now still focusing on call and physical appointments. We defined some high traffic relevant integrations in the contact flow and beneath the product questions. Those should be the biggest drivers of relevant traffic; people with a question or in need for further information. When they create enough content (together with BNPPF) SEO will slowly kick in and be another important traffic driver.

So I think we both should keep pushing for the right integrations. More then willing to help you out on this!
hey Bart
yes the integrations are not ok yet, so we are going to focus on that, thanks!
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Hi Ellen, my suggestions will be :
- to relay Community everywhere you can on your website (FAQ page, Product page, ...)
- At Proximus, we get 100% more traffic on it by adding permanent click to Forum button on the right part of the web site.
- Do cross reference from other site to the Forum : from you apps, from the description of all you Youtube video (look at on our video, you will see...)
- Request your community members or moderators to flag best answer, to tags, to refer external link in their answers, ...
Today with all of these principles we have 80% of our traffic coming directly from Google search.
Have nice week-end
@Henrithanks for the tips ! Have a nice weekend!