A special event for Easter on the Community

  • 17 February 2017
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Hello everyone !

We’re planning to organise something special for Easter on our Community. Last year we organised a nice contest which thought us a lot. I’m reaching out to your experience as inSpired members so we can better our idea before launching it.

I’ve got many questions 

=> Our goal is to wake up our members and to keep them awake. Do you think a contest is a good tool for this, or would a different approach be better?
=> If we do choose to launch a contest, should the contest be difficult or easy? We would like to see most of our members participating, but we don’t want it to be a contest for dummies.
=> What about the reward for the winner? Our experience taught us that a big prize (for example a handset) attracts members who only come for the prize and then leave the Community again. On the other hand, a small prize doesn’t seem sufficient to generate lots of traffic.

What do you think? Your views are much appreciated!


9 replies

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Hi Yoann, sorry for the late reply.

2 yeas a go when I worked at KPN, my former colleage Allart organised an easteregg hunt on the community. Involving other social channels as well:

He hid (images of) eggs in all corners of the community and let participants submit the amout of eggs they thought have been hidden on the KPN community.

I've asked Allart if he could share some thoughts about this and the impact on the community at that time.
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It seems simple and effective. I like it :)
Our team keeps brainstorming on it, regarding the reward also
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Sorry for my late reaction, Yoann! As Hugo already told, we did an easter egg hunt two years ago. On different forum boards and in popular messages, forum visitors had to find images of our bright colored hidden eggs.

We used social to get traffic towards the forum and get more participants. On social we shared hints to make it a bit easier to find the eggs. With this kind of games, it is important to keep in mind that the game isn't too hard for the participants. They tend to take part more often when the game is approachable.

We had some prices for the top three, I believe the first price was a chocolat iPad. Not to fancy, but some appealing / playfull prices. With regard to the traffic in this period, we noticed more visits and registrations, not enormous, but significant enough.

I’m curious about your final ideas and results, feel free to share them!
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@Allart What were the longterm results? Did new users register, and did they stick around after the contest was over?
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Short-term results showed more trafiic and registrations, but in the long term have yielded few results. There were no users who have shown clearly more activity in the long term unfortunately.
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Contests are probably a good way to let users know the Community exists. For some of them, it can be the beginning of a nice relationship with the company & moderators. They will hopefully and slowly learn the benefit they can get from the Community. The most difficult is then to feed this relationship and push them to a super user level.
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I totally agree, Yoann. @BartDelwig We should have put more effort in converting those new users into regular ones. There are certainly opportunities
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Great convo guys! To get back to your questions @Yoann. When it comes to the difficulty level you need to consider how active your members are at the moment. If you ask too much of members that are not highly engaged then there's little chance they'll join in. Personally, I think the Fogg model explains this well. It explains that for a user to take an action he must have sufficient motivation, sufficient ability and an effective trigger. In other words, the right balance between reward, complexity and CTA of the competition 🙂 It doesn't have to be a contest for dummies but it should be easy enough that members feel they can participate and win!

Curious to hear what you guys think about it 😃

@Yoann what have you guys come up for Easter?
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Thank you Marine for sharing this. I confess however it looks easier on this draw.

Last year we offered another kind of hunting : a clue was hidden in a page, leading to another page and so on, until participants were invited to answer a final question on the last page.
Last summer, it was a "journalist" contest : participants had to publish the best article.

We will probably invite our members to hunt for eggs this year.